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RecycleIT Program

RecycleIT Asset Disposition Program

As an IT Recycler, Compugen Finance is committed to the highest level of Environmental Stewardship.  We are committed to a Zero Landfill policy ensuring all IT assets we touch through our RecycleIT Disposition program are repurposed or properly dismantled and recycled without adding to Municipal waste streams.

Our mandate is to reuse technology whenever possible as re-purposing technology is the most effective and environmentally friendly method of recycling.  We have earned the confidence of our corporate disposition partners through the unprecedented value we provide, tight security, and ISO proven methods.

All Assets that run through our RecycleIT program are stringently processed to eradicate / remove any sensitive corporate data from the units.  We use government accepted software and data eradication protocols to ensure our corporate clientele can rest assured their sensitive information has been safely removed.  We also have the ability to provide onsite data eradication and onsite drive destruction services.

Our RecycleIT program adamantly promotes E-Waste to be properly recycled with zero waste going to landfill.  We also provide best in class asset disposition value for our enterprise clients through our innovative Employee Purchase Plans, and Green4Good Charity Pool Program.

Employee Purchase Program

The main purpose for this e-commerce tool is to provide our corporate partners the ability to provide their end-of-life assets professionally refurbished and fully supported to their employee base.  Our Employee Purchase Programs are fully customizable on each corporate disposition client’s needs.  We offer a tailored solution to ensure the program will achieve the internal good will and impact that is desired.  Program Highlights:  - All of our EPP products are professionally refurbished, restored and relicensed with Microsoft Operation systems through the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program.  – The program is controlled seamlessly through our E-commerce website.  Employees would register for the buying group through the website and a verification process using their company email.  This ensures only your employees would have access to the program. Inventory control is fully customizable including the ability to segregate specific SKUs which can be offered to your employees exclusively or on a reserve system.  An overall discount on all products and services will be given to Employee Purchase Plan members.  Purchases can also be subsidized in lieu of return value on products to ensure your employees are being provided privileged, under market pricing as a member of your company.


Green4Good is our exciting new program providing a mechanism for corporations to support charities through end-of-life technology in partnership with our Asset Disposition efforts.  Our charity partners have the same technology challenges and demands as our corporate partners without the budget to support, manage, or refresh that technology.  Many corporations will donate their end-of-life assets to charities but there is licensing, support, functionality, and corporate data risks in doing so.  The Green4Good program allows corporations to utilize Compugen Finance’s disposition programs to develop value out of their end-of-life assets to be given to their charity partner of choice.  By turning their technology into monetary value, this allows the charity partner the freedom to utilize the funds on their most pressing need, whether purchasing professionally refurbished computers, cutting edge new technology, or professional services through the Compugen Group.